Prom-goers at Prosper High School will have to pass a breathalyzer test before entering

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PROSPER, TX -- Most prom-goers only need a ticket to get through the doors, but these students will need a little more than that to join the party.

Prosper High School administrators sent an email to parents on Monday to inform them "all students" will be required to take breathalyzer tests before entering prom.

The tests will be conducted by school resource officers. Students who test positive for alcohol consumption will get the boot, and even worse, get picked up by their parents.

Yes, in front of their fellow classmates.

But the punishment doesn't stop there.

Seniors who fail the test will lose privileges for the remainder of the year.

Now, all of this may sound like news to us, but other schools like Sachse High School and Plano East Senior High have used breathalyzers at events like prom and homecoming in the past.

Well, kids, I guess the message here is: don't drink if you want to party!