Phone scammers in Collin County, beware! The sheriff’s comin’ for ya!

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COLLIN COUNTY, Tx. - Hey phone scammers, we have a message for ya:

"It`s only a matter of time," says Collin County Sheriff, Jim Skinner. "One of these days you`re going to ask somebody to bring you some money and it`s going to be me or one of my deputies."

That warning from the sheriff comes as phone scams hit a new low!

"The call gets routed throughout different places," explains Collin County Deputy Sheriff, Jessica Pond, "and they`re able to manipulate the caller ID on it, so for it to say Collin County Sheriff`s Office."

You heard that right! It looks like the call is coming from the sheriff's office, but nope!

"Under no uncertain terms, ever will someone from the Collin County Sheriff`s Office ever call and tell you you need to bring cash-money and meet them in the parking lot of the sheriff`s office," says Sheriff Skinner.

So what are you supposed to do if you get a phone call that sounds a little funky?

"They should first, not disclose any personal information," explains Deputy Sheriff Pond, "they should try to take in as much information about the caller as they can, get a contact phone number for us, and then after they get off the phone, not waiting too long, but as soon as they get off the phone contact the Collin County Sheriff`s Office."

So scammers, let`s take another listen...

"It`s only a matter of time..."

Now may be a good time to stop with the crank calls, 'cause just like the unsuspecting people you`re trying to scam, you never know who`s on the other end of the line.

Anyone with questions can call 972-547-5133.