Baylor University suspends fraternity after allegedly throwing an offensive ‘Cinco De Drinko’ party

WACO, TX -- A Kappa Sigma chapter at Baylor University learned a lesson they didn't plan on getting after their annual Cinco De Drinko party got them suspended. Huge sombreros and serapes were allegedly the dress code for a fiesta several other students protested.


Witnesses reportedly told school officials that Kappa Sigma party-goers were dressed as construction workers and maids while covered in brown face chanting "build that wall."

Whether or not Kappa Sigma took too many tequila shots or not, their behavior caught the attention of the university's NAACP, Hispanic Student Association and Student Life Vice President.

In statements, BU said Kappa Sigma was temporarily suspended pending investigation. They also claim the frat's event did not align with the school's "Christian mission that actively supports a caring and diverse campus."
Kappa Sigma isn't the only ones turning Cinco De Mayo into 'Cinco De Drinko.' Just look on Twitter:


Some people are turned off from the whole 'Cinco De Drinko' phrase: