5 ways to improve your life in DFW this weekend

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For many of us, the weekend entails collapsing into binge watching, pajama wearing ball of apathy. Well, not this weekend!

Here are 5 things you can do this weekend to just get better at humaning, adulting, and just living.

Go to an actual bookstore (or library)

Do you want to be smarter than the average bear? Books. Read books.

Brick and mortar bookstores have dwindled, but the ones that are still around are for a reason – they’re great. Wild Detectives is an amazing hive of literary culture in Oakcliff.

Dallas is lucky enough to be home to the flagship store of Half Price Books. You could spend an entire day here and walk out with an entire bookshelf worth of material that costs less than a few books bought on Amazon.

Oh, and don’t forget the Dallas Public Library. It’s free and chances are you’ve never stepped foot inside.

Get artsy

Does your cultural exploration end at the pre-made sushi you bought at the grocery store?

Well, the Dallas Museum Of Art is currently hosting the Mexico 1900 – 1950 exhibition, showcasing all kinds of avant-garde art from Mexico. So go get cultured, you troglodyte (and you probably shouldn’t eat that sushi).

Get a piece of mind


You’re not going to improve your life in any significant manner if your mind seems more like a dog in a sea of squirrels that’s simultaneously being attacked by bees than a sea of tranquility. So let’s start there.

There are plenty of mediation and yoga classes around town. The Dallas Yoga Center offers yoga and meditation classes.

You could go the simple route of plopping your self down somewhere nice and relaxing, breathing and just going internal for a bit.

Jump start your career

Seems like a big undertaking on a weekend, right?

Well it’s not, especially if you’re wanting to get into fashion design, interior design, graphic design or merchandising.

Wade College is having an open house on Saturday April 22 at 9:30 AM. You can learn about career opportunities, degree programs etc. Maybe you’re about to be fresh out of high school or looking for a career change, so go get educated on getting educated.

Just go outside

This is a simple no brainer – being outside is just good for you (assuming, you know, there’s not a tornado bearing down on you).

Dallas / Fort Worth has plenty of options to commune with nature.

River Legacy Park offers trails, parks and more.

Or if you don’t want to leave the city, just go to Klyde Warren Park, flop down in the grass and just. do. nothing.

They’re even having a meditation session on Saturday morning – that’s gets you out outside, a piece of mind and even time to head over to Wade College…that’s three life-improving birds with one stone!