See it: Man in Denton punches out weather station

DENTON — Whether it’s floods, icy roads or blazing heat, it seems North Texas is always making us furious with its weather. But did it finally push one guy to fight back?

Yeah, check out this crazy surveillance footage released by Denton PD, where a random dude just walks up to a weather measurement device and punches it!

“Well, it was a little surprising that he would just come up and basically attack a random weather sensor,” said Officer Bryan Cose with Denton PD. “That’s a little abnormal for us to see that.”

The sensor was owned by the resident of the apartment who turned the footage over to the cops when he discovered it. And while the tape looks like a clip straight out of a Dumbest Criminals in America show, it is still a crime and Denton PD is on the case.

“The device was destroyed. Our understanding is that it cost about $140 to replace this piece that was damaged,” said Officer Cose. “We are actually looking for the individual who decided to punch this and certainly charge him with the damage to the device if we can identify him.”

So if you recognize this Meteorological Mangler, let Denton PD know about it. Here’s a tip: he probably is still icing his knuckles down.