One year, millions of views, and 1400 tips later, still no suspects in Missy Bevers’ murder

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MIDLOTHIAN -- 365 days is a long time. Too long for the Midlothian Police Department.

"I did think there was enough uniqueness there that someone would recognize that person on the video," Midlothian Asst. Chief Kevin Johnson said Tuesday. "It is surprising to me that that hasn't taken place yet."

It's been a full year since Red Oak fitness instructor Missy Bevers was murdered at Midlothian's Creekside Church while getting ready to instruct a Camp Gladiator class.

That means we've spent a whole year analyzing the bizarre church surveillance video of the suspect.

From the weapons in the person's hand that look like a pry bar and hammer, to the head to toe SWAT gear with 'POLICE' across the front and back, the unique walk with feet turned outward, and even whether it's a man or a woman, that video has raised a lot more questions than it has answers for the public.

For the Police and FBI, though, it's offered a lot more than we realize.

"It's always hard to be criticized, especially when you have an investigation like this where you can't release information that might clarify your stance or the decisions that have been made," Johnson said. "I'm confident that once the books are opened on the investigation and once we have a suspect, that people will be very pleased with the efforts that we've made."

The public has certainly tried to do its part.

"We've got right around 1,400 tips that have come in," Johnson said.

1,400 tips on more views than we could count. The video, just when adding up YouTube hits and our own stories, has 3.5 million views.

It's been local, national, and worldwide, but none of them have the answer so far.

"At this point, there are no suspects," Johnson said.

Midlothian PD started the case with about 30 people investigating, around a dozen of those from their force and the rest FBI, but now the lead investigator in house is the only one on it every day. That's been his job for 12 months with no sign of it ending anytime soon.

"If this takes another month, year, or decade we'll keep working on this case no matter what it takes," Johnson said, saying he can't imagine a situation other than 'Case Closed' that would take the investigator off the case.

Johnson wants you to know that even if you have something small, it could be the puzzle piece that points Police to the perp.

"You never know if your information, coupled with what we know, might be beneficial," he said. "I would tell people not to hesitate to call us if they have information to share."

Maybe you can give them that last breakthrough toward bagging the bad guy and bringing the Bevers family some peace.