Plano daycare drama continues as worker accused of abuse turns herself in

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PLANO - More and more people have been using social media as a way to stay informed.

That`s how Plano mom Jasminn Avery saw the disturbing viral video of a daycare worker mishandling a child.

"I clicked the link," says Avery, "and I was horrified! Because currently I stay at home with my son and he is going to be transitioning into childcare which is not something that I`m not excited for."

Luckily she saw this video in a Plano mom's Facebook group before making The Children`s Courtyard a finalist.

"I'm nervous that someone would know they were on camera," says Avery, "and still act that way. It`s very concerning, I feel that she was comfortable with her actions and it wasn`t the first time."

The original Facebook video, circulating for about four days now, has more than 800 thousand views and almost seven thousand shares. Most finding it appalling.

"I watched the video further and I see her pick the child up and then flip the child over and drop the child on its face. That was really disturbing," said Plano spokesman David Tilley.

Those calling for justice might just get it.

The woman in question, 22-year-old Jazmine Torres, who police say doesn't have a criminal record, was interviewed Monday, and charged with a state felony of Endangering a Child. She turned herself in Tuesday with a $10,000 bond.

"That's punishable anywhere from 180 days to two years and up to a $10,000 fine," says Tilley.

The second woman in the video is still being interviewed, which is a little bit of good news for most moms patrolling the Facebook page.

As for the daycare, with 29 previous deficiencies after inspections and almost a third of them high risk, that`s still TBD by child protective services.

"You might get recommendations from friends and family, but that doesn`t always mean it`s a safe place, that`s why we recommend doing your research," says Tilley.

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