32 dogs rescued from Lancaster home filled with feces, urine

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DALLAS -- Score one point for the good guys, y'all!

Lancaster police went to a property in Southeast Dallas County for one of their investigations when they came across a heartbreaking sight.

17 dogs and 15 puppies were found in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Police called the SPCA of Texas and together they removed the animals from their confinement.

Some of the dogs were living in a house that was filled with urine and feces. There was even a poor pooch chained to a tree outside. Most of the pups were discovered in kennels that were kept in the garage on the property.

Although SPCA rescued the innocent canines, they still have a long journey of recovery ahead of them. Flea infestation, hair loss, skin sores, the list of problems goes on.

The animals were taken to SPCA's rescue center in Dallas where they'll be treated and taken care of before a custody hearing happens.

If these pups get put up for adoption, they'll have no problems finding a forever home! They're just too cute!