Would you wear these trending brows? 😶

They’ve been dyed, covered in jewels and eye shadow, and even highlighted, but now make up artists are… feathering their brows?

Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist who loves glitter, fine lines and anything in the colors of a rainbow, has created the new makeup trend that has beauty lovers talking: feather brows.

Using a glue stick, arched brow hairs are split down the middle mimicking a feather quill. Since posting her photo on Instagram five days ago, she’s received 44,979 likes, 2,766 comments and other makeup artists recreating her look.

Recreating feather brows by @stella.s.makeup ❤ look by @melissahealymua 👌🏼#featherbrows

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But of course every trend has an originator. Stella credits her brows to Leevi (@leevittu) for the idea.


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People have mixed opinions of the new trend, but it seems like it’s catching on more and more.

Would you wear these feather brows?