TravelFix: Drew visits Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, has run-in with the law

We continue our worldwide tour with Drew Binsky in Russia.

"This is my very first trip to Russia. I was working with a company out there, so they sponsored the trip,” said Drew. “It’s a very beautiful place. Moscow is the biggest city in Europe with 15 million people. It has really amazing architecture and a lot of history there.”

After that, Drew moved his home base to the little country of Azerbaijan.

"It’s a small country that borders Iran, Russia, Georgia and Armenia,” Drew tells NewsFix. “It’s technically considered Asia, but it also got a European feel and a Middle Eastern vibe. So if you ask me, it’s kind of a fusion of all these places.”

Drew also says Azerbaijan is a cheap country, good for those looking at traveling on a budget.

Lastly, we head to Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, where Drew had a run-in with the law because he didn’t have his passport on him. If you’re going to travel to a former Soviet Union country, Drew recommends that if you do carry your passport with you, or, at the very least, a copy of it.

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