From highway to high tide for the South Arlington Sign Slayer?

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ARLINGTON -- What do you get when you combine high intensity headbanging with 70,000 tons of cruise ship?

Believe it or not, it's called 70,000 Tons of Metal, a heavy metal cruise that happens every February where 3,000 lucky metal heads get to travel the metal seas with their favorite rockers.

If you're in Arlington, you know there's a guy who qualifies for that kind of high volume vacation: the South Arlington Sign Slayer!

Michael Hildreth's nearly 5,000 Facebook likes show he's got fans. One guy from Canada is trying to make sure the Papa Murphy's spinner extraordinaire trades the highway for high tide next year.

"It's honestly really great," Hildreth said Tuesday. "I can't express it any more than that. I've never been on a cruise, and if this is my first one, I'm just really glad it is."

Potentially the best part for the 20-year-old rocker? Seeing the bands that fill his headphones on the side of Highway 287.

"They're gonna be on the cruise with you. As soon as they get on, they'll be hanging with all the fans and such. I think that's really neat," he said.

You can buy a Sign Slayer shirt to support the cruise cause, but that's not the only help our head banging hero needs.

He actually broke his collarbone last week, and supporters set up a GoFundMe while he's on the mend.

"I kind of consider that to be a little bit of a handout, but on the flip side, I also think it's really cool that people are willing to help out to get everything I need," Hildreth said.

While our metal master's on hiatus, lend him a hand. It's the metal thing to do!