Dallas shows love to Indie Film Industry at 11th Annual DIFF

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DALLAS -- Sometimes you don't need the glitz and glam of Hollywood to make a great film.

The Dallas International Film festival proved that as they rolled out the red carpet for their 11th season.

The special two-week soiree celebrates up and coming independent films while giving a nod to a few legendary ones.

Judge Reinhold made his first appearance at the annual fest. He told NewsFix that the "most impressive thing about DIFF is that "it really does care about Texas filmmakers and really supports them."

Judge also hosted a special screening of his film, Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got The Will.

"It's very Texas centric, written by a Texan, directed by a Texan," he explained. "The message is ultimately that the love of family is more important than money."

We also went Back To The Future to talk past and present films with actress Lea Thompson.

"I directed a movie called The Year of Spectacular Men it's a little independent movie and we're just about to launch it a film festival," Lea added.

But Momma "McFly" was here to help honor this year's 'Dallas Shining Star' -- who happens to be her (real life) daughter, Zoey Deutch. The 22-year-old walked the red carpet Saturday night and shared her love for indie filmaking.

"It's always a labor of love when making an independent film," Zoey told NewsFix. "So a festival that supports and empowers artists and independent film-- I so appreciate."

Zoey stars in the recently released indie film Before I Fall which is getting high praise as it takes on the issue of teen bullying.

"It's a really beautiful time to tell a story about a young woman learning a discovering that she matters and she has a voice."