US, Canada & Mexico launch historic bid to host 2026 World Cup

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NEW YORK, NY — The US, Canada and Mexico made an historic announcement today, with all three nations throwing their hat in the ring to jointly host the 2026 World Cup of Soccer.

“Today we’re saying hello, and what we’re saying hello to is the 2026 World Cup, and our efforts to bring that back to the United States, Canada and Mexico,” Sunil Gulati, president of the US Soccer Federation announced.

The North American team-up is the odds on favorite to land the World Cup nine years from now, and if the world’s most popular tournament is coming to this end of the globe it’s almost a sure thing that Jerry World will be hosting its share.

Right now, Dallas is hosting it’s own mini-World Cup with the 38th edition of the Dallas Cup underway, bringing in 200 youth teams from over 20 countries. And the Dallas Cup has already shown the world that Big D is ready for the Big Soccer Stage.

“Anybody who’s wearing anything with a Dallas Cup logo on it, of course we’re recognized here in the United States, but we’re actually more popular outside the United States,” said Sam Wash, president of the Dallas Cup. “You can go to Barcelona, you go to London, you go to places in Germany and you have this logo on, people know who we are.”

And who knows, nine years from now some of these teens might be back in town repping their countries at the World Cup, as long as FIFA is wowed enough by the Trans-American bid to let the beautiful game have its biggest showdown right here.