Homeless ‘Spitting Lady’ has $19,000 on her when arrested ðŸ˜³

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New York, NY – Everyone doesn’t like kids, but this lady takes her dislike to another level!

A homeless woman who goes by “The Spitting Lady of 77th Street” was arrested Thursday for allegedly spitting on a 7-year-old boy on three different occasions in the past nine months.

In addition to her arrest, police found $19,133 in cash on her person!

Hilda Barrionuevo, 65, claims she gained her fortune by collecting bottles and cans. To make that amount of cash at five cents a piece, she would of had to collect 382,660 items!

According to an online petition, “The Spitting Lady” had been harassing Upper East Side residents for years, mainly hissing, spitting and yelling at children. The petition requests their mayor, Bill de Blasio, and other politicians to take action. Her harassing has gotten so out of control that a Facebook page has been created just to track her whereabouts to avoid her in the neighborhood.

Barrionuevo’s nephew, who accompanies her while she harasses residents acting as her body guard, was also arrested.

She was released without bail Friday.

Residents are concerned that she will roam the streets again angrier than before and harass more people.