Low cost spay neuter clinic targets Dallas dog problem

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DALLAS -- Giving your dog the ol' snip-snip just got a whole lot easier, Dallas.

"We’re looking to do about 31,000 surgeries this year, and most of those will be free,"  said Jacob Carty, Spay Neuter Network Marketing and Communications Director.

The Spay Neuter Network has been around since 2004 providing service to Dallas, Fort Worth, and 13 counties in total, but now they have a store front.

“We had people here lined up at 7 AM when I got here," Carty said about the store's grand opening. "We didn’t start until 10.”

Their goal is to cut down the stray dog population that's plagued the streets of Dallas, particularly South Dallas.

Remember the Boston Consulting Group study last year? The group told the city that spaying and neutering pets is vital to controlling the dog population, and that the main reasons owners don't get the surgery done are price and access.

With this South Dallas clinic, it's mission accomplished on those fronts.

“For Dallas residents, they can get spay or neuter for a dog for $40, and for a cast, $20, just flat rate," Carty said.

Spay Neuter Network gives out hundreds of free surgeries too, but as a non-profit, that depends heavily on your donations.

Your pup might be scared, and you don't want to see man's best friend that way, but it's definitely for the best.

“Most animals are really healthier when they do get spayed or neutered," Carty said. "They tend to live longer, and that’s a big thing because people really love their pets. They do.”

The clinic, named Community Pet Care and sitting in a strip mall at 2223 S. Buckner Blvd., isn't just about altering animals either. It'll keep them healthy too.

“If they do have their pets already spayed or neutered, they can come by here for vaccinations, wellness, heart worm treatment, things like that,” Carty said.

A low cost option for a high priority family member. Sounds like a win-win!