San Antonio goldfish who can’t swim gets a tiny wheelchair 😍

HELOTES, Texas – A tiny San Antonio resident has a tiny new, one-of-a-kind wheelchair and the whole world loves it because he’s a goldfish who couldn’t swim, but now he can.

Taylor Nicole Dean shared the story on social media after she got an all-the-feels message from her friend Derek, an aquarium store employee.

“A customer brought in a goldfish with a permanent bladder disorder so I made him a custom wheelchair and he loves it,” Derek said in his message to Taylor.

The goldfish suffers from a bladder disorder that keeps it from being able to control its buoyancy, Derek told Buzzfeed. The poor little guy was unable to swim and stuck at the bottom of the tank — a serious drag — until Derek came up with the idea of building a tiny floating wheelchair from aquarium air line tubing and styrofoam.

“Wasn’t able to hold himself upright and was stuck on the bottom. Not anymore!” Derek said to Taylor. “Thought u would get a kick out of it.”

We are ALL getting a kick out of it, Derek, and you are a superhero!!

Taylor posted Wednesday that the little guy is still doing great, saying, “Just wanted to let you guys know wheelchair fish is still doing well and got an even more comfortable wheelchair.”

Looks like a little mesh or soft netting has been added. Fancy, yet functional.

‘Wheelchair fish’ needs a great name to go with his story!