Cuban to Obama: $300 mill for part of the Mavericks franchise

DALLAS -- President Obama seems to be enjoying the good life after the White House.

But Obama can't have his toes in the sand for too long. Well, that's if he wants to keep stacking dead presidents, of course.

In the past, he's expressed his interest in sports, and it looks like Mark Cuban's already shooting his shot! The Mavs owner and one of Shark Tank's "sharks" told TMZ he'd sell the Obeezy 10% of the Dallas Mavericks franchise.

But for $300 million?! Riiight. Then again, the Mavs are worth a cool $1.4 billion, according to Forbes.

No word if Obama has any interest in Mark's offer. For all we know, he might be considering the Lakers or Bulls. We're pretty sure if this price is right, he'll make a run for it.