Another lawsuit being filed because of infamous 2015 McKinney pool party

MCKINNEY -- Did you think that notorious McKinney pool party from 2015 was behind us?

Well, think again. A civil rights attorney by the name of Ben Crump is opening up old wounds by bringing a lawsuit against the McKinney police department and the former cop at the middle of the whole thing - Eric Casebolt.

His clients are three of the young boys that were there, though at this time he's not naming them because they are underage.

Crump’s statement to NewsFix:

“McKinney, Texas, is going to become Ground Zero in America in the prevention of police brutality against children of color.”

This isn't the only lawsuit out there either. Dajerria Becton - one of the young girls involved in the altercation - has already sued the city for $5 million.

So, yeah, you can say even though the pool party was almost two years ago, it's just beginning to make a splash