Boom Box: Artists Who’ve Gone from Hip Hip to Church!

DALLAS -- While watching the Grammy’s and other award shows, we noticed something.  Hip Hop and R&B artists have no problem giving thanks to God when accepting their awards.  It’s funny to hear someone thank Jesus for helping them with a song that talks about drugs and fast women but we digress!

Yet, even with all of that, it's refreshing to see!  As a matter of fact, some artists have completely turned away from their successful careers to follow God.  Let’s talk about a few of them.

Like Mase, formally of Bad Boy.  He had several hit songs.  Well, in 1999 in a radio interview he said he was leaving Hip Hop to follow God.  He left the game for about five years before trying to make a comeback.

Then there’s Malice, one-half of the group Clipse. He told his brother Pusha T, in 2011 he was done.  He then wrote a book, changed his name to No Malice and picked up his cross.  He’s still on that journey!

And remember Montell Jordan? He’s now a born again Christian and is a minister in Atlanta!   Let’s not forget Rev Run, MC Hammer, and Kurtis Blow; all of them Hip Hop turned holy and that’s not a bad thing!

And that’s your boom box!