Stressed in America? Probably thanks to politics, new survey says

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DALLAS -- Are you feeling a little extra anxious lately? Might want to just let out a scream into a waiting pillow? We're guessing the reason might not be so traditional as far as these things go.

We're definitely all stressed at some point, but one thing is taking top spot these days, and let's face it, President Trump is used to being number one.

For the first time in its 10 year history, the American Psychological Association's 'Stress in America' survey lists Politics as our primary provider of panic.

"This is the first time that I've ever really felt stressed out about politics," Arlington resident Emily Ball admitted.

You and 57 percent of Americans, so says the survey.

There are plenty of reasons why. 49 percent just really weren't ready for President Donald Trump.

"Trump's administration, his White House, his political views, don't seem to line up with something that me and a lot of my friends and family members that I know are hoping to look forward to," Dallas' Moises Williams said.

It's not just POTUS, though. This thing is broad sweeping. 66 percent of people are worried about the future of our nation, and that number was greater than 50 for both Democrats (76 percent) and Republicans (59 percent).


"It's hurting my interpersonal relationships, one, because of the way people react to the things that I say, and two, because people that I thought would feel one way about an issue really feel the other way," Ball said.

Don't fret! We can pull it together through old fashioned American spirit!

Or we can find a stress ball.