NASA Announces Winner of Space Poop Challenge & $15,000! 💩🤑

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Remember that $30,000 contest NASA launched last year?

Well, It apparently took more than a rocket scientist to figure out how astronauts could successfully go to the bathroom in space.

But, down here on earth first place winner Thatcher Corden is $15,000 richer for his crappy creation!

The Texas native has reportedly come up with his version of an inflatable diaper that can be replaced through the opening of a space suit. Unlike NASA's current get-up which doesn't allow space-walkers to wear it for up to six days.

As for the second and third place winners, well, do you really care about runner-ups in a poop contest?

Now NASA's just hoping this big dipper diaper idea really takes off in the next two or three years!