Elderly Irving Couple Beaten & Tied Up During Home Invasion

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IRVING-- You know it's a sad situation when an elderly couple is beaten! It all went down Wednesday around 3:30 am when Irving PD says four masked-men broke the front window of an Irving home.

Inside was an 83-year-old homeowner and his wife, sound asleep!

"Once inside, they confronted the man and woman and restrained them and assaulted them," Irving PD's James McLellan told NewsFix.

Cops say the guys severely beat the husband before tying and gagging him and his wife. Once the robbers reportedly found some jewelry and cash, they made a run for it. The couple was eventually able to break free and call 911. They were rushed to the nearest hospital and will most likely survive their injuries.

The couple's son, Eason Wright, believes his mom and dad were targeted solely because of their age.

"Had they been able to respond a little faster this would've never happened," Wright explained. "When you're 83- years-old and you get pistol-whipped and sustain those kind of head injuries-- for his age, he's pretty tough."

Cops are still on the hunt for the bad guys, but Wright says the whole incident is a sign that it's time to tighten up security for his parents.

"We're going to bring cameras. I don't want to put bars on the window."