Brits putting body cams on school teachers — Could we be next?

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We all know body cameras have become more and more common for cops over the past few years, and their footage has been used over and over again to show the authorities - and the public - exactly what happened.

Well, our friends across the pond have taken that idea a step further.  They're putting those tiny recording devices on another authority figure... school teachers!

According to The Times in the UK, teachers in at least two schools in England are using body-mounted cameras to help manage their classrooms.

"Teachers turn on the cameras during incidents in the classroom," the Times articles says, "to tackle 'constant low-level disruption'."

Yeah, while police body cams have been widely demanded as a check against officer misconduct, it seems these cams are aimed at keeping the kids in line.

While the cameras are recording, "Pupils can see the live footage on an outward-facing screen," the article says.  "They could be used to provide evidence for disciplinary action, but also as a 'self-reflection' tool for students."

We asked local school districts how they felt about using something like this...  But they didn't want to comment until they had more information.

After all, it's not 100% clear if it'd even be legal here in the States, how it'd go over, or if it'd help.

It's not like being on video always stops kids from causing problems, but maybe it'd keep students focused on their work, if they knew their parents would see the teacher's point of view.