Riverdale S01 E01: series premiere starts off with a mystery, plus a peek into the darker Archie universe

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

So what did you guys think of the premiere of the new CW hit Riverdale? I loved it! It was part twin peaks, part teen drama, part rock and roll, kinda gay, and oh so sexy!

Kicking off our premiere is the death of Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother Jason after a mysterious boat ride, in which she returns alone setting up a season long mystery.

From there, we’re introduced to the rest of main cast:

Simple Betty Cooper, gay best friend Kevin Keller, new student Veronica Lodge and the object of nearly everyone’s attention Archie Andrews. Even music teacher Geradine Grundy in this flashback scene to some student/teacher extra curricular activities the very day Jason Blossom died.

Another mystery set up in this first episode is Veronica Lodge’s father past.

We find out Veronica and her mom Hermione left New York due to a scandal involving her father. Everyone seems to know the scandal but us.

But it’s this humbling of Veronica that has made her character relatable and a perfect set up for her friendship with Betty.

In fact I could watch an entire show of just Betty and Veronica. They’re the standouts in both story and acting. If I had a tiny criticism it’s with Archie’s plots. He’s seems more reactionary to everything around him.

Oh and one more thing.

You’ve never been read like a room full of gingers talking about a bottle of ginger. Archie needs a better dye job.

Like that scene with Veronica in the closet, I thought he was going to offer her a Big Mac under his golden arches. But that dye job is straight off the dollar menu

Our episode ends with Jason Blossom’s body turning up along the river and me turning up to watch the next new episode. I’m hooked!

Hey guys! Want a glimpse into the Riverdale Universe? Archie Comics has entire line of modern comics based on the Archie Universe. Plus Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has two bloody-good series: the haunting Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Afterlife with Archie which is Walking Dead meets Archie!

The dark nature of Roberto’s two Archie series has me thrilled about the sharp, sinister and delicious direction of Riverdale

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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