Flash S03 E10: Barry tries to prevent Iris’ death by doing nothing, get ready for Gypsy, and are we done with Flashpoint?

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Barry Allen is being plagued by nightmares of a potential future in which Savitar kills Iris.

So when Barry meets this episodes villain Plunder, Barry tries to alter history by… doing nothing.

In the future flash forward, Barry remembers the lead up to Iris' death was the news report in which the Flash had captured Plunder. In Barry’s mind if he let’s Plunder go he can change the timeline.

But it’s Kid Flash to the rescue! Yes!

Wally in his Kid Flash costume side by side with Barry fighting bad guys and not a Flashpoint Universe!

Does this mean we’re finished with Flashpoint? I hope so.

Wally’s intervention however stokes Barry’s fears that the future will still happen.

Barry ultimately decides to tell Iris and team about the potential future. Only Joe is left in the dark because the team fears he won’t act rational when faced with the potential loss of Iris.

So in a cool scene Cisco uses his Vibe vision to glance forward in time, where Barry notices things have already changed… specifically HR.

HR can be seen with a sniper riffle as if attempting to thwart Savitar.

Oh and we get Iris death scene... again. Hey producers. We get it. Please don’t replay this ad nauseam for the rest season. It’s too much.

Did you notice the 5 month date on the flash forward future also corresponds to finale of Season three? Look like our team’s mission to change the future is the focus of the rest of the season.

Our next episode sneak give us a possible bounty hunter traveling through dimensions on the hunt for HR!

Based on episode description, we’re clued in that its Gypsy! In her comic bio Gypsy fought alongside Vibe in mid 80s version of the Justice League of America led by Martian Manhunter and Aquaman and based out of Detroit. Steel was also a member of this league!

Her comics abilities include basic pre-cognition and the casting of illusions allowing her to also become invisible or project peoples fears.

Our preview looks like some of this has been altered possibly to have more Vibe like powers.

As a fan of both the comic versions of Vibe and Gypsy, I can tell you I’m excited for this probable team in the new episode of Flash Dead or Alive!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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