Supergirl S02 E09: Slaver’s moon, a powerless Supergirl, and Mon-El wants a costume

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

A mother seeking help from Kara and Snapper at Catco for her missing daughter Izzy (played by guest-star Harley Quinn Smith) leads to a wide net of missing persons across National City.

Quick Comment on Snapper: the witty dialogue is here and it’s similar to Cat Grants but the tone is off. I’m not bonding to Snapper.

I need some Cat Grant back.

While following Izzy and the other missing person’s trail, Kara and Mon-El stumble upon a clinic recruiting healthy individuals looking for quick cash.

But of course it’s an evil clinic run by an evil doctor and Roulette (yes!).

Glad to see her back.

After a quick tussle Kara and Mon El run head first into the mysterious portal seeking their missing persons, only to discover the alien planet Maldoria on the other side and a slave trade including Izzy and our missing Earthlings.

So what’s the trick? It’s under a red sun! Since Supergirl and Mon-El get their abilities from the solar energy of our yellow sun, they are powerless under Maldoria’s red sun.

If there was ever a doubt Supergirl was a true hero, it’s her desire to risk everything to rescue the captured human slaves.

I loved seeing this determination from our Supergirl!

It’s this hero’s moment that inspires Mon-El, Izzy and the captives to rise up, they are soon joined by Alex and a DEOrescue team to get everyone back to the portal and safety

Couple of cool points:


Fans! This is a curse word common to the heroes of the 31th century… the Legion of Super-Heroes! In comics continuity Mon El eventually joins the Legion of Super-Heroes. What a fantastic nod to the comics via legion-speak… Grife!

James Urbaniak!

Our villainous doctor who sends Kara and Mon-El to slavers moon is none other than actor/voice actor James Urbaniak! If he sounded familiar, it’s because he’s also the voice behind Dr. Venture on the Venture Brothers!

Unfortunately it’s a one off for this character since during our heroes escape he’s vaporized by the mysterious aliens who were searching for Mon El in the last episode.

Thanagarian Snare beast!

On Maldoria, Supergirl and Mon-El encounter an outlier alien Jo who offers them a meal of Thanagarian Snare beast.

Who recognizes Thanagar? It’s the home of the alien Nth metal and race of aliens responsible for Hawkman and Hawkgirl!

Legends of tomorrow may be in a different universe from Supergirl but I love this expansion of the Supergirl U to include Thanagar!

Speaking of expansion of the Supergirl Universe: We also got this universe’s Dominators. Albeit a lone Dominator… during the rescue he prevents a slaver from firing on Mon-El.

So what’s mystery? Is Mon El more than he seems? Could he be more than a body guard to the royal family?

Despite most of season two plots being wrapped up last episode, we’re getting this Mon El mystery and a new expansive alien universe to potential fuel the later half of season two!

Oh! And at the end of our episode Mon El tells Supergirl he wants a costume! Was that giant red knit blanket a hint? Bring on the bright red Mon El!

Up next for Supergirl, it’s another freak of the week with the return of Livewire!

Will this episode give us more Guardian reveal since he was left out of the conflict on Maldoria?

Let’s find out in next all new Supergirl, We Can Be Heroes!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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