Activists want Fort Worth cop fired after release of controversial police body-cam video

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FORT WORTH -- Twenty-four hours have passed since police body-cam video of a Fort Worth family's arrest went public.Time has passed but emotions are still running high.

"This incidence is deeply troubling, really hurt to watch Ms. Craig poorly treated," Mayor Betsy Price said in an afternoon news conference. "I'm deeply sorry on behalf of this entire council."

Price and Fort Worth police chief Joel Fitzgerald want to get to the bottom of how the video was released.

"I had no idea, this department had no idea, the city's manager office had no idea this information had illegally leaked from the police department," Fitzgerald explained. "We're not pleased with that. We will investigate that to the fullest extent of the law."

He's already made the decision to drop all charges against Jacqueline Craig and her daughter and to file an assault charge against their neighbor, Itamar Vardi, whose confrontation with Craig's son over litter started all of this. The officer involved, William Martin, got a 10-day suspension and will work in another neighborhood.

Mayor Betsy Price admitted that she doesn't really agree with Fitzgerald's decision.

"With the news that came out yesterday I don't say that I necessarily agree with the discipline of Officer Martin but I will say that discipline was Chief Fitzgerald alone -- and I do stand with our chief," she added.

The Next Generation Action Network is planning a protest in downtown fort worth on Saturday. They plan to keep protesting until officer William Martin is fired and a more serious charge is filed against the neighbor.

"This city should do a fine job in getting officer Martin away from here," activist Dominique Alexander told NewsFix. "I don't care if you give him severance, early retirement, whatever it is, get him out of the city of Fort Worth."