School Choice Advocates Rally in Austin

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AUSTIN -- School choice became the hot topic in Austin this week as hundreds gathered at the Capitol to champion the cause.

If a school choice bill is approved, families would get state money to remove their kids from public schools and send them to either private or religious alternatives.

Versions of the bill have stalled repeatedly in Texas but now, it's getting major backing from both Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

"We know, when it comes to education, one size does not fit all. What may be right for Johnny may be wrong for Alexia. So why is it that government has the power to force a student to attend a school that is wrong for them? This is not a Republican issue, its not a Democrat issue. This is a civil rights issue," Abbott said to the rallying crowd.

Tthe Texas Senate actually passed a version of school choice last session, but the bill died in the House.

The legislature is expected to revisit the issue in the coming months.