Bottleneck Breakdown: Study Sheds Light On Traffic in America

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NORTH TEXAS -- We all know traffic sucks, right?  Well, a new study from the American Transportation Research Institute sheds some light on just how much it sucks - and it just might surprise you.

The ATRI study looked at semi-truck GPS data from 250 specific locations across the country to find the worst bottlenecks in the USA.

Alright, let's hear it. How many DFW spots made the list?

Believe it or not, none were in the top 10.  The first Metroplex location came in at #12: I-45 at I-30.

The speed limit there is 65 miles per hour, but the study says the average speed is just 38mph.  During peak times, it slows to 27!

Only two other North Texas spots made the top 100...

#49 is I-35W at I-30 in Fort Worth.
And I-75 at I-635 in north Dallas was #60.

Rush hour traffic in those bottlenecks moves at just 37- and 36-mph, respectively.

But hey, just 3 out of 100 ain't bad!  And it could be worse.

Part of Interstate 290 in Chicago moves at just 28 miles an hour, even when it's not rush hour!

And if you head south on 45 for a while, you'll end up in Houston, where a whopping 9 of the top 100 bottlenecks are found.

Yeah, when it comes to traffic, Houston, you've got a problem!