Fort Worth Woman in Cop Video Demands Charges be Dropped

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FORT WORTH -- The mother who was wrestled to the ground by a Fort Worth police officer last week is demanding charges be dropped against her and her two daughters.

Jacqueline Craig and her daughters were arrested after she called police to report a neighbor had choked her young son for littering.

In a now viral video, the responding officer asks Craig why she didn't teach her son not to litter, and that sparks an argument, which eventually escalates.

Craig's attorney says if police don't drop the charges, it could set a precedent for officers arresting civilians because they don't like their attitudes.

"It's difficult to dissociate the actions of the Fort Worth Police Department from a rogue officer when the department then goes on to continue to hold charges against people who the nation can see did nothing wrong," attorney Lee Merritt said.

Craig's attorney also says the neighbor has confessed to several witnesses that he did, in fact, grab Craig's son, but he has not been charged.