Don’t Worry Kylie Did NOT Pull a Kim… Yet!

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LOS ANGELES -- Let's name something the Kardashians haven't done to get attention.

Yeah, we'd be waiting all of 2017 for that answer. Well, before they kiss this year goodbye, one of them has dropped something else on us. Technically - Kylie Jenner dropped something and apparently it was her clothes.

Check out the youngest out of the Kardashian-Jenner klan stripping down to a wet T-shirt before getting butt-booty naked for a new video project. Keep in mind Kylie's only 19-years-old.

But, age ain't nothing but a number, when you've been raised by a fame-hungry momager, a dad named Caitlyn, and we all know her older sister's claim to fame.

But, while we're keeping things PG 13, Kylie and her rapper-boo, Tyga, certainly aren't! Before the video release, some sources speculated the short film shot by famed Sasha Samsonova was a sex tape.

Thanks to Kim K we've seen what a sex tape is. Kylie's special project is more like a sexy tape.

Here's to hoping, she's got many years ahead of her before the other kind of tape is leaked.