LEGO’s BrickUniverse Heads to Dallas

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DALLAS-- As a kid, there was always that one toy you just had to have. You know, like Barbie, Batman or LEGOs?!

Yea, LEGO, kind of hard to forget those! The different color pieces you could snap together to create almost anything or any character you could think of.

Well we've got a treat for you just in time for the holiday season.

Welcome to BrickUniverse -- where all your little Lego dreams come to life! The LEGO lover event is  at Fair Park all weekend.

"I think Lego attraction is the limitless possibilities. There's nothing you can't do at Lego bricks, says Greyson Beights.

From a Challenge Zone where you can test your LEGO building skills to the Fan Zone where the professional LEGO builders display the best of the best in brick by brick creations.

Not to mention, they get paid for it!  Nice job, right?

"My work encompasses a lot of architectural buildings as well as some original artwork that is intended to be appreciated like art, paintings to be hung up on a wall,” says Professional Lego Artist, Jonathan Lopes.

These master builders have recreated two iconic Dallas buildings, a tiger and even the U.S.S. Missouri.

"It is built entirely out of Lego. There's about several hundred- thousand bricks, at least a half of million bricks put into this ship. It’s about 27 feet long. It’s one of the world’s largest ships,” says Master Lego Designer, Daniel Siskind.

Must be nice to play with toys all day! But then again, everything is awesome when Lego is involved.