No Resolution Yet: Judge To Decide On “Yelp Lawsuit” Drama

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DALLAS -- Just because a case is dismissed doesn't mean that's the end of the problems.

Remember Robert and Michelle Duchouquette? The North Texans were sued by Prestigious Pets after they posted a bad review on Yelp.

The case has been dismissed, but it doesn't mean it wasn't expensive. "Most consumers don't have the money to hire lawyers. Lawyer fees are expensive these days. Most consumers, if they get sued for a Yelp review, most of them take them down whether true or false because they can't afford to defend themselves," said attorney Paul Alan Levy.

The Duchouquette's went back to court to try to get their legal fees back, but it's not an easy process.

The judge is looking at whether laws could protect people like the Duchouquettes from the financial burden and whether companies like Prestigious Pets could take another case like this to court.

According to Levy, the judge hasn't made a decision and will "issue a written decision" when he has an answer.

Well ,the judge's decision might get a little easier. Congress passed a bill that would protect people who write bad reviews online. All it needs is President Obama's signature.