Bush Targets President-Elect To Shed Light on NKorea

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DALLAS -  It`s a bright reminder of just how dark times are for North Korea. Former President George W. Bush wants to bring to light the oppression of North Korean people just like what`s happened in Cuba. The president explained,  "One such Tyrannic tyrant that left the earth happened last week, Fidel Castro. Like the North Korean leaders he imprisoned his own people, like the North Korean leaders he ruined his country`s economy."

President Bush is now calling for a new U.S. policy for human rights and for North Korea to get rid of nukes. Yet Bush wouldn`t say the name his message was targeted for.  "Our country is about to have a new administration. Which of course has its own right to choose its own direction." said Bush.

As a matter of fact, no one in the room talking about North Korea could say the name.  "This is an administration whose foreign policy in detail really has not been sketched out," said Former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Refugees from North Korea want to be more direct so everyone knows just how bad things are. "The current holocaust is happening in North Korea," said Grace Jo.

Bush added, "The North Korean people are pleading in their silence for freedom. And the world needs to listen."

Let's hope the world and the next administration are listening.