Let’s Talk: Man Walking 3,000 Miles to Encourage Face-to-Face Convos

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DALLAS — How far would you go for something you were passionate about? For Chris Andrews, the answer is 3,200 miles on foot.

Yeah, Andrews is on a cross-country trek from DC to LA, which has him cutting through DFW. His sole mission: to encourage face-to-face communication in an increasingly digital world.

“It was about a year and a half ago, and I began to realize that the way that we communicate has changed in the last 20 years,” said Andrews. “I was becoming so consumed with what was on my phone, my computer, my tablet that I began to lose touch with the people around me.”

And so his walk began, armed with a cart filled with all the supplies he needs to survive, he hits the streets just to strike up conversations, even speaking at school assemblies.

“You know I thought if I can go on this kind of crazy journey to grab people’s attention and use that attention as a vehicle for this message that I am passionate about and I hope that by going on this journey I can get people to think about their usage, act with intention and began to find balance in the way that they communicate,” Andrews said of his goals.

Well he’s about halfway done with his journey, with his anticipated arrival in LA scheduled for next March.

So hey, if Chris can walk over 3,000 miles to get us talking, how hard is it for us to put down our phones for a sec and strike up a convo?