Levar Burton Talks First Acting Gig and the New ‘Roots’

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You might know Levar Burton as the "Reading Rainbow" guy, or if you're a Trekkie then he's Geordi to you, but Burton also starred in a very important TV movie back in the 1970s called "Roots."

"That was my first job. Roots was actually my first professional audition," Burton told Eye Opener. "I was a 19-year-old kid. My first day, as a professional actor, Cicely Tyson played my mother. Doctor Maya Angelou played my grandmother...I had died and gone to actor heaven."

Almost 40 years later, a new remake of "Roots" is now streaming on Hulu and Levar Burton is the co-executive producer of the new show.

Levar Burton believes that, "this is an important story for Americans to familiarized themselves with. Certainly the political divide that we're experiencing today in America did not begin with Barack Obama election to the presidency in 2008...it began with our slave holding roots as a nation."