California Cat Rescued After Week on Power Pole

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FRESNO, Calif. — There he sat, all alone. Fat Boy. King of the world, perched 45 feet above ground in Fresno on a high-voltage power pole, for somewhere between six and eight days.

Fat Boy’s owners believe a neighbor’s dog scared him up there and he, being a fraidy cat (but wouldn’t you be??), was not willing to come down.

“We were calling his name and he was looking at us, and he’d just meow,” owner Andrew Perez told KFSN.

They tried everything they could think of: Talking to him, coaxing with food, putting down a tarp to catch him if he fell, even calling the local fire department.

“Fire department came out within minutes and they were really helpful, but they said they could not get the cat because it was on a high voltage pole,” neighbor Anna Robinson said.

Finally on Tuesday, help arrived. PG&E linemen de-energized the power line — which knocked out power for about 250 homes and probably caused some serious cussing because people everywhere are vacuuming and cooking for Thanksgiving right now — and then climbed the pole to rescue Fat Boy.

The linemen say most cats jump before they get all the way up to them. Not Fat Boy!

A vet gave electrolytes and food to Fat Boy before handing him over to his owners, who say he’s happy inside his home now.

PG&E added equipment to the utility pole to make sure no other animals sit on Fat Boy’s throne.