What’s the Color of Your Money?

When it comes to your finances, do you know the color of your money?  We asked financial expert Stephen Smith with Symphony Financial Group to give us some insight.

Stephen tells us that basically there is risk on your money or there’s not risk.  The risk money is going to be red money. Since there are different variations of risk,  how do people know if they are at high risk, medium risk or low risk?

Well there’s an easy way to find out by taking a quiz online at www.sleepatnightretirement.com to find out what your standings are.  Once you know your situation, you have to look inward and ask yourself ‘What are your goals?’ and ‘What are your objectives?’

If  you find that the you are okay with the fluctuations, then you are probably in good shape.  However if you have concerns you should really contact a trusted advisor for ways to make your money grow.