Secrets of a Bookworm: Little Free Libraries You Didn’t Know About in North Dallas

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via Flickr: Matthew Matheson

By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

In the recent wake of Dallas City Council nitpicking the size, height, and depth of Little Free Libraries, there seems to be a lull in the war. It’s an interesting battle to watch, to say the least: Those for free libraries and, apparently, a city that’s not. It could be said that capitalism perverts everything, but books? Not possible! At least, we hope that is the case.

With that said, it seemed like a good idea to wander around North Dallas and find a few of the free libraries there — this may be the last chance. If the Council gets their way, at least 26 of these free little libraries will have to be taken down, so it may be prime time to get out and enjoy some free books, and make some new friends while you can!


Community Services



Located in Garland at the SpringPark Community Center, Little Library #8031 is a dedicated piece in the honor of Debbie Hummel. Why not stop in, grab a book, catch a class, or socialize with the neighborhood?


Humor House

This little number, whose steward obviously has a sense of humor, is located in front of a residence near the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Mahana Street.


Residential Simplicity

It’s wood! It’s pretty! And it appears to be well-stocked with a nice selection. Little Free Library #21361 is located west of North Bell Avenue and East Sherman Drive in Denton.


School Books



Lakehill Preparatory School has not one, but two little libraries to their name. One campus is located on Hillside Drive, and boasts a little free library at the back gate of the school on Westlake while the other is off of Ferguson, and has its library at the Roger L. Perry Campus front gate. Now that’s a school that cares about reading!


And the Sun Rises

Found off of Plano Road and Walnut Hill Lane, Little Free Library #9630 is the product of a Richardson residential neighborhood. Gorgeous and apparently kept stocked, this treasure is worth the hunt!





A surprising find, Little Library #8991 is located at the Environmental Education Center. While learning is expected, a break from science, recycling and geology is not. This little library is a welcome addition to Plano.


The Church’s Library

The Community Unitarian Universalist Church of Plano has a large, three-shelf selection of books located in their parking lot. In the case of CUUC, the church has enough room in the Little Library to separate their books into children, young adult, and adult. Catch Sunday service, grab a book with the family, and spend the rest of the day vegging with your selection.


Read at the YMCA



3000 Hillbrook has Lakewood Elementary School and a YMCA all within the same block, but this area also has Little Free Library #20185. This Little Library neighborhood is not the best for wandering around peeking around corners (don’t be weird next to an elementary school), but the location, and its plethora of children’s book was just too sweet not to share.


Eat and Read

This gorgeous construction can be found near the outside seating of the City Council Restaurant and Bar. Grab a book, grab a drink, and curl up in one of their comfortable chairs while you read.

Scout’s Honor

It’s always nice to give back to the community, especially when it is unexpected and certainly appreciated. Another church on our list, Greenland Hills United Methodist Church, has a Little Free Library, #33137, offering free books and sanctuary.