Real Friends? Facebook ‘Unfriend’ Spree & Protests Breakout After Elections

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DALLAS -- Time is ticking. If you're already over the Trump presidency, Buzzfeed has built a digital clock counting down the days til' the next presidential election.

But, what are others doing to "pass" their time?

For starters, the trending thing to do on social media is to delete, mute, or block friends. Well, we mean "former friends" you  don't agree with. Facebook says on election day alone, there were 716.3 million likes, posts, comments and shares related to the election. So we can only guess how many people on both sides of the isle hit that unfriend button. C'mon, you're probably guilty of it too.

Things are also getting pretty heated outside of the internet too.

Wednesday night anti-Trump protests popped up all over the country. A group rallied in downtown Dallas to express their anger towards the president-elect.

The election might be over but it seems like it's a race against time for some.