Legends of Tomorrow Addresses Social Issues Throughout History And Are We Preparing For A 4 Show DC Crossover?

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After discovering a distress beacon from a crashed time pirate, our Legends end up in 1863 Mississippi.

They quickly find out our time pirate carried with him a bio weapon causing.....Duh-duh!  A zombie like infection.

With the threat of an altered American Civil War, it’s up to our Legends to steal confederate plans, deliver them to General Grant AND develop a cure to the bio weapon and thwart a zombie-fied confederate army.

With our time travelers moving throughout history, we were eventually going to confront the more darker times in American history.

While the show glossed over race relations in 1940s America during WWII with only a single mention, this episode put Jax and Amaya are right into the fray coming face to face with racism and slavery in our country's past.

This was probably the most powerful episode of Legends so far.

Scf-fi shows have a wonderful history of examining social-political topics in our culture, like one of the first interracial kisses on Star Trek the original series.

I hope Legends continues to delve into the political nature of in history rather than remain a romp through time.

A little more was revealed in terms of Barry Allen’s secret message, in which Barry warns of an upcoming war.

Could this be the giant four show crossover based on the DC event invasion?

And in the next episode our Legends pick up the trail of hourman’s killer jumping to 1987 to battle not only Reverse Flash but Damien Darhk!

With Atom now in possession of Leonard Snart’s cold gun, thanks to the gift by Heatwave, will this be a way to bring Captain Cold back from death or time?

And did I catch a glimpse of Obsidian? In 1987?

Get ready to get retro 80’s in the next Legends of Tomorrow… Compromised!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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