Wreckin’ Ball Helmets Predict a Clinton Victory

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DALLAS -- Depending on which polls you look at, the winner of bitter battle for the White House is a toss up.

“You can't have a good election poll without a couple balls hanging around,” Gregg Wilson said.

Wilson is the super sports fan who is known around Big D for his big balls -- Wreckin' Balls, that is.

We’re talking helmets, people! They're helmets showing support for home town teams.

“We always say this, whenever we are out and about, we have a little motto which is, 'Life is a ball.' Bringing the most excitement that we can to any event,” Wilson said.

Wilson has taken that same passion to the political arena, creating custom Trump and Hillary helmets, selling them to supporters and also taking his own poll during the process.

“We literally sold hundreds of balls nationwide and were overwhelmed by the process, and we really believe that it is actually showing on the potential outcome of this election," Wilson told NewsFix.

And the results are in...

“It is Hillary Clinton by a margin of 5%,” Wilson said.

While Clinton took the lead nationwide, Wilson says hands down the Trump helmets sold better in Texas. We're talking "big league."

Of course, with any poll, Wilson says there is a margin of error -- “I can never promise anything more than a margin of error of 2 balls.”