Email Leek Pizza or Trump Tower Taco Salad? Supporters Take in Election Night at Alamo Drafthouse

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RICHARDSON -- A few plop, plop, fizz, fizzes might be the only thing that got you through this election season, and to properly fizzle away one of the nastiest election spectacles to date, some gluttons for punishment (supporters of the democratic process?) were at Alamo Drafthouse to take in the results with nasty women and bad hombres alike.

“I guess it makes it more of a spectacle, almost like you’re watching a sporting event as opposed to it just being in your living room," Dallas resident Nolan Schomer said, describing the atmosphere of joining a larger group to watch the results.

“We thought we’d come out here and just kind of be with other supporters, as well as the other side," Yi-An Chen agreed.

But why did they really want to experience this night with so many others? It came down to one word. History.

“I think it’s going to be a momentous night, and being able to share that with a community and with friends is a lot more exciting than just being in your own home," Hillary Clinton supporter Julie Malcom said.

And you can't experience an election night like this without Hillary's Email Leek Pizza or Donald's Trump Tower Taco Salad!

You can't deny those concoctions seem like they could send you running for the restroom, but more importantly, let's hope the election results don't do the same!