Ballot Bites: Local Restaurants Dedicate Food & Drinks To Candidates

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DALLAS -- For this presidential election, the folks at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company have their customers covered. But, before voters get lost in the sauce, they have to choose which politician's face they want plastered on their pie.

"So we know there's going to be lots of people doing election parties and we came up with a creative way for people to use the presidential faces," said one of GAPC's employees.

But, it gets better.

Wanna wash down that dough? Well, head on over to the ballot bar at The Rustic.

Hold on to your toupee, cause they're servin' up the 'Trumptini' ! A rich blend of Karlsson's Gold Vodka and vermouth dusted in flakes.

Or how about a 'Hillarita'? You might need to put on your pantsuit for this baby!

It's a frosty cold concoction with a liberal helping of Dulce Vida Tequila and Paula Orange.

Guess, a political party ain't a real party until you throw some food and drink in the mix.