Supergirl: Miss Martian Reveal, Never Trust A Luthor and Kara’s Bad Journalism Decisions

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Our last episode, Survivors, featured a boys night out with Winn and Mon-El and, gladiatorial battles with Martian Manhunter vs. Miss Martian, and Supergirl vs. Draaga in the high-stakes gambling arena set up by the villainous Roulette!

A lot of the action in “Survivors” however happened outside of the arena.

Like with the Miss Martian reveal I talked about last week. Similar to the comics, Miss Martian isn’t a peaceful green martian like J’onn J’onzz, but an aggressive White Martian in disguise.

Plus, whatever direction Alex Danvers had hoped for with new gal pal Maggie Sawyer was quickly dashed when we’re introduced to Maggie’s girlfriend.

But there were two points I found troubling and they both involve Kara.

First, in seeking a location for Roulette’s underground arena battle, Kara visit’s Lena Luthor in hope as a member of national city’s wealthy elite, she’ll know the location.

And she does… But it’s Lena comment to Kara “I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes” that’s a huge red flag.

This is the second time Lena’s said this to Kara… And if there’s anything I know from the comics, it’s never trust a Luthor.

Oh! And what about Roulette being let go after the Maggie/Alex SWAT raid by a mysterious person of power? Could that be a new player or something we already know?

Second troubling point, in needing a source for her article for this magic information about the alien fighting ring, Kara explains to her editor, Snapper, that Supergirl is her source. A reporter should never be their own source, especially if that source is linked to your secret identity.

Kara’s redeeming plot in Survivors comes as she decides to take on Mon-El and teach him what it means to be alien in earth society, in a way completing the mission she never got to fulfill with Kal-El.

Next episode’s promo for “Crossfire” gives us a peek at Mon-El - Catco intern and sets that stage for Jimmy Olsen to become more than photographer/CEO of CatCo.

Will Jimmy Olsen’s weakness to an alien arms gang attack bring him down or take him down the path of vigilantism? Possibly becoming another popular DC hero?

Let’s find out in Crossfire!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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