Google Search to Provide Immediate Election Results

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - For most of us, Google search is part of our everyday lives and this year`s presidential campaign has made it even more so. According to Google, they`ve seen a more than 230 percent increase for the search phrase "how to vote" compared to the 2012 election. Now the tech giant is planning to take their involvement in the vote a step further.

On Monday Google announced that it will display election results directly in search as soon as the polls close. The search will expand past the presidential election as it`ll include senatorial, congressional and state-level ballot propositions as well.

The results will be automatically updated every 30 seconds and will be available in more than 30 languages. To access this feature all you`ll need to type in the search bar is "election results." Doing so will display a list of detailed info about corresponding races.

So if you can`t be in front of a TV for election night, don`t worry, like pretty much everything else nowadays, the info you`ll need is only a Google search away.