Forget the #MannequinChallenge, It’s All About #AndysComing!

DALLAS -- While the #MannequinChallenge has everyone standing and sitting around like big dummies...

Another new challenge has the Internet falling out -- literally collapsing on the floor. It's called #AndysComing. Someone screams, "Andy's coming," and everyone falls down...

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Okay, that's funny. But uhhh -- Who the hell is Andy?!

Andy Griffith? Nope.

Andy Warhol? Nah...

Andy from "Toy Story?!" Yep!


Remember how Woody & the gang would come to life, get into all types of toy trouble, then someone would scream -- "Andy's coming!?" And they'd all go stiff?

Ha! That makes it even funnier, right?!

Or not.