Yes, Neiman Marcus Is Selling Collard Greens for $66

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DALLAS -- There's nothing like the holidays: cold weather, seasonal sales, and those home cooked meals!

But, apparently the "soul food" some people have grown to love has turned into "sold food."

Get this, fancy shmancy Neiman Marcus is selling (Wait for it) Collard greens, y'all! For $66 dollars you can enjoy them "with the right amount of spices and bacon." (Uh, bacon?)

Oh and don't forget shipping and handling for $15.50.

Now,  we got to ask, who decided to replace that urban-legend "$250 cookie recipe" with this hot mess?

But, Neiman's expensive taste has some people boiling mad. Did Jesus himself, grow, wash, cut, and season these $66-dollar greens?

The high-end retailer didn't stop there.

They're also selling a full Thanksgiving dinner for over $500.

Wow! Who knew you can go designer for your next holiday feast?!