Collector Selling Off His Babies At Auto Auction

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DALLAS - Cars are rolling in from all over the country for the Mecum auction this week. There are more than one thousand cars on the auction block and you don’t have to be a high-roller to bid.

Ron MacWhorter owns 278 cars and he’s selling half his collection at the auction.  “I just have so many, they were starting to get the better of me," said MacWhorter.

He says it's hard to sell part of his collection because these are his babies. He says, “I have mixed emotions, because naturally a lot of these cars, I have had a long time, and they have feelings, kind of like getting rid of your kids.”

MacWhorter says he’s driven all of his 278 cars, but he doesn’t like to say which is his favorite. So with all those cars, what does he use as a daily driver? “I drive an older model focus," he said.

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