Arrow: Artemis Debut, Ragman’s Powers And What Does Human Target Tell Us About The Assassination?

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Hello Team Arrow!

We kick off with our first look at Evelyn Sharp in her Artemis costume, with Oliver even giving her the Artemis code name!

But the team is quickly left to fend for themselves as Oliver spends most of the episode breaking John Diggle out of jail.

It’s in this scene with Wild Dog, Artemis, Mr. Terrific and Ragman defending District Attorney Adrian Chase , that we get to see Ragman use his powerful suit to protect his teammates from a barrage of bullets and the DA and police officers from an explosion.

Just don’t ask me what he’s saying. It’s as if they took Oliver’s already gruff Arrow voice, ran it across sandpaper then played it back underwater.

Things go dire in the final battle as Wild Dog is taken prisoner by Tobias Church.

If you caught the new promo, the producers sure were giving away a lot about the new episode “Human Target”.

It appears Renee gives up the Green Arrow’s identity during torture from Tobias, leading Tobias out to hire an assassin to take out Mayor Oliver Queen.

If only there were a clue as to how this plays out…

Could it be the title? Human Target?

In our comic universe, the Human Target references character Christopher Chance aka the Human Target. A Private Investigator who’s specialty includes assuming the identities of his clients targeted by assassins.

Is this the answer to the tease in the promo?

We’ll find out in Arrow’s newest episode Human Target!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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